Structural design of the vertical loadbearing structures of the 'Rózsadomb' Shopping Center

'Rózsadomb' Shopping Center
Year of design:   1999
Client(s):   Kis-Verecke Kft.
Year of construction:   1999 - 2000
Contractor(s):   KÉV-METRO Kft.
Architect   István Kruppa
Co-designer   QUALIPLAN Ltd.

The building is a reinforced concrete frame structure, having a gross area of ~13000 m2 of 9 stories.

Due to the considerable gradient of surface 2 to 4 stories are under ground. The base slab is 60 cm thick and is ~2000 m2. The structure consists of piers with 40x40-80 cm size and of reinforced concrete slabs of 24 cm thickness.

The movie halls are carried by slabs supported by beams bridging over more rasters. (12-18 m)

The roof's main girders are bended IPE steel beams. The building is stabilized by stairscase walls and elevator walls and furthermore by outer and inner reinforced concrete walls under ground level.

'Rózsadomb' Shopping Center

'Rózsadomb' Shopping Center

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